Our experience in Digital Transformation

We have engaged customers from various vertical industries and provide Digital Transformation solutions based on their business needs. Some reference cases including

  • Business Process Reengineering: A HK based Smart Manufacturing company on internal IT and process/change management 

  • Management Process development: A HK based Lifestyle Start-up in preparation for expansion and need for digitalization

  • Change Management Project:  Organization transformation design and advisory services for an Edutainment division of a conglomerate in Mainland China

  • Go-to-Market strategy for A Start-up EV vehicle company in Mainland China 

  • Emerging technology: A leading AI and Robotics company from Mainland China leveraging Hong Kong as the Regional research hub in serving countries under Belt & Road initiative

  • Market Entry and Geo Expansion:  A mainland eCommerce trading platform leveraging Hong Kong as technology research hub; and business expansion to serve countries under Belt & Road initiative 

 We are creative on solution offerings that will fit your needs.


Note:  Due to confidentiality reasons and non-disclosure agreements, customer names will not be disclosed.


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