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Our Experience in Consultancy Services

We collaborate with local government authorities in the Mainland to conduct mass education programs for enforcement agencies, for local authorities, for local enterprises on "Genuine Initiative".

We partner with the big 4 consulting companies on ISO 19770 audits as illustrated by software vendors as needed in the Greater China Region.

We have worked with government authorities and enforcement agencies on Brand Protection and Anti-counterfeit cases

  • Parallel import of IP Phones found in Europe

  • Networking products Chinese labelling and homologation 

  • Systems re-labelling and re-serialization of networking equipment

  • Anti-counterfeit features on networking equipment and validation process

  • Anti-counterfeit features on software licenses for a government bureau in HKSAR

  • Counterfeited mice hardware found in computer market

We have also served as an advisor on Fraud Investigation cases for networking enterprise

·       A group purchase of an university campus in Northern China

·       A mobile operator group purchase in Central China

·       Competitors “forgery” serial purchases of high-end networking equipment in Southern China

 Note:  Due to confidentiality reasons and non-disclosure agreements, customer names will not be disclosed.

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