Organizational Diagnostics

We understand business strives to be competitive in the marketplace.  During economic and social upheavals, organizations experience stressful times and in need of change management plan for revamp, revival and restart.  In a growing market, organizations may need new measures for exponential growth and leap forward. 

As a company doctor, we conduct health check-ups for organizations. 


Our OB-SAT framework connects organization health to performance measure based on a set of elements.  The framework includes conducting assessments, follow by examine specific areas and then follow with in-depth interviews.  Key findings will be presented to leadership team with a prescription on improvement and change measures.  Future interim and periodic review will be planned to discuss progress made on business and digital transformation.

This framework is applicable within an organization and across functional groups through a list of elements measuring organizational health and how it impacts performance.

 AlphaSmart - your choice of  "Company Doctor"
  • Deliver bespoke services that fit your requirements
  • Provide confidential services with a range of plans and offerings
  • Prescribe customized solutions to enhance business productivity, leading to business and digital transformation
  • Reinvent for operational excellence, derive change management plans and processes
If your business anticipate changes, contact us for professional assistance. 



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